Balene is an innovative, inclusive toothbrush that cleans both the inside and outside of teeth in one movement. Challenging a traditional and established industry dominated by a few large brands, this product is aimed at a broader market that includes children, elderly, people with low dexterity and carers.

The Balene team brought extensive oral care industry experience alongside a profound understanding of the challenges faced by those in care, and approached us with the need to realise a brush design concept for manufacturing and retail.

Balene is now a fresh and exciting product on the European market, disrupting a stagnant and innovation-averse industry.

Design research
Ergonomic evaluation
User testing
Design DNA strategy
Product design
Manufacturing support
Colour, material and finish
3D prototyping

We began the design process by holding workshops to define both the brand’s visual aspects and to tackle a manufacturing strategy that differed from the traditional bristle head, which is currently monopolised by a handful of worldwide manufacturers. Extensive research was conducted before and during this process, testing with both young and old users, parents and dental professionals, with the aid of an ergonomics engineer.

In particular, the handle design is based on a pencil grip and designed to be used from multiple angles by multiple users, in contrast with dictating a position and uncomfortable contortions. We worked with 3D prints, which we regularly tested with users.

It was important throughout this project that a ‘design for dignity’ approach was followed, to create a product that users wouldn’t feel ashamed to leave on the bathroom shelf.

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