SANS- is a sustainable deodorant that uses 100% natural ingredients and 0% plastic.

As a startup, SANS- had the opportunity to conceive and design the product from scratch. Therefore, when they approached us, they asked us to design with the mindset of ’no compromise’, which presented the challenge of looking beyond just the product and into systems and processes.

Every component and process was challenged - from the deodorant body to the ink used on the packaging. A range of alternative materials were explored and evaluated on their sustainability credentials. Supply points needed to be a van ride apart to limit transport emissions, and end-of-life was considered by choosing a material that was infinitely recyclable.

You can read more about our design and development journey here - Deodorants; how did they get so complicated

Design for manufacture
Sustainability strategy
Colour, material and finish
Graphic design
Packaging design

The packaging is comprised entirely of cardboard, whilst the branding is subtle, matching the company’s ethos and the beautiful simplicity of the product itself.

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