Our client Yumpingo is a restaurant feedback and analytics company. They collect real-time, actionable insights from guests at scale, enabling restaurants to deliver their best food and service.

Yumpingo first engaged Sabotage to develop Yumpingo One: a digital tablet that can be handed to diners at the end of the meal to give a short review of their experience.

We developed a product that would work for a diverse range of restaurants, from the everyday to the special occasion. The tablets needed to withstand the tough conditions of the table and the fast pace of service. We particularly like the subtle lip around the screen, which not only frames the interface nicely, but also stops coins and receipts flying around the restaurant floor.


Product design
Design for manufacture

As the world was locked down, Yumpingo approached Sabotage to help devise a design strategy to support restaurants and bars get back to normal. The solution Yumpingo and Sabotage created became a national campaign backed by UK Hospitality.

Sabotage helped define the brand identity for the ‘We hear you’ campaign to be rolled out across both digital and physical spaces. The team helped create digital assets such as the UI, social media content, internal branding and a web experience, as well as physical assets, such as window stickers, posters and table talkers.

UX design
Social media content

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