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Wearable safety light system for cyclists.   www.wayv.uk
Cyclists are at their most vulnerable in low light, particularly when turning. At night hand signals are barely visible and are often performed very briefly to avoid losing control of the bike.
The WAYV and Sabotage teams set out to create the ultimate bike safety light safety system, one that has both front and back turn indicators, integrated tail lights  and remains highly visible in different riding positions.
Designed for all types of cyclists WAYV is wearable with or without a backpack and nothing has to be left on the bike. A system that builds on established car lighting and indication paradigms that everybody already understands.
WAYV is a London based startup and so far Sabotage has helped to name and create the brand, develop the product family, plan & launch a Kickstarter campaign and will continue the prototyping and evolution through to production.
Design Team: Nick Woodley, Tom Keen, Astrid Vanhuyse, Solene Lemare, Dmytro Izotof,  James Holt, Markus Gekeler, Peter Li  and WAYV internal teams.